Why does Aliexpress change the delivery address?

Tell me why I chose one delivery address and the parcel went to another. Why does Aliexpress change the delivery address?

How To Change Shipping Address On Aliexpress?


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There are a few reasons why AliExpress might change the delivery address for an order:

  1. The address provided is incorrect or incomplete: If the address provided by the customer is incorrect or missing important information, AliExpress may contact the customer to request the correct address to ensure the package can be delivered successfully.
  2. The address provided is not serviceable: Some addresses may be in a location that is not serviced by the shipping company, in this case, AliExpress may contact the customer to provide an alternate address that can be delivered to.
  3. Compliance with Customs regulations: Customs regulations can vary from country to country, and if the package is being shipped to a country with specific regulations, AliExpress may change the address to comply with customs laws.
  4. Fraud prevention: In some cases, AliExpress may change the delivery address to protect against fraud and ensure that the package is delivered to the intended recipient.

Overall, it’s significant to ensure that your shipping address is correct and up-to-date when placing an order on AliExpress. If AliExpress changes the delivery address, they will usually contact the customer to confirm the new address, but in some cases, they may cancel the order.

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